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About Delicious Films

We are two vibrant sisters, who love what we do! We always have fun and pack our jobs with loads of energy and laughs. When it comes to business we are a no nonsense team that kicks butt and most importantly makes it happen within your budget!!

We are hands on production girls with heaps of honesty, lots of courage AND we sweat the small stuff. Two sisters taking the world by storm and having a darn good time in the process!!


Our production nutter with a wicked sense of humour, she has a head for figures and always makes it happen


A girl who knows everyone in town and has her finger on the pulse of the city at all times not to mention being a pro at research and client service – your wish is her command!!

We had the great privilege of being Nicci’s first production in her new company ‘Delicious Films’ the only thing that caused me any pain was having to leave. It was without doubt, the best fun i have ever had on a shoot.

Kieth Hutchinson, Director, H2 films, Ireland

It’s good to know that after all my years of shooting in S.A. diamonds still exist amongst South African service companies.

Bill Marbach, Agency Creative, Draft FCB, Austria

Deliciously serviceable – Delightfully charming – Exquisitely involved! i would recommend this team of girls as being your next film service production company team. Believe me, you will not regret it!

Alexandra Sieger, Freelance Producer, Irene Productions, France

We were so impressed by your organizational skills and attention to detail…your ability to stay a step ahead.

Heidi Ostertaq, Executive Producer, Worldwide Documentaries, Los Angeles

Delicious is a great company to work with! Not only did Nicci create a team around us that would fit in with our style of working, she also brought ideas, creativity and enthusiasm to the production.

Johnny Maginn, Director, Bikini Films, London

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