It’s the middle of October and hard to believe that summer is here already. As we put the final touches on the year of 2018 we are blown away by the opportunities that have come our way this year. We’ve gotten to produce great commercials with awesome new clients, and worked with some of the biggest corporations internationally which have given us the ability to push film production to greater heights.

For all those associated with Delicious Films, South Africa we say thank you for your hard work and dedication to this very unique craft of Film Production.

As we roll into summer 2018/2019 we can only hope it’s half as good as this year has been. Only the universe knows what the future holds so we will leave that in his hands and continue to produce great work, be honest and give thanks for every opportunity that comes our way.

We have made great progress this year, and we are excited to share our news with you:

We have now introduced a creative collection – with 3 very experienced directors that we have added to our showcase.

We have teamed up with Sidewinder films, to bring you content creation.

Our dams have filled up, after a drought in Cape Town giving our film locations the best look and feels for your commercials backdrops.

Our suppliers are more willing to engage in discounts and deals, to make the package sweater.

Our locations and permissions system has been streamlined – which enables shorter lock down periods before shooting.

We have the freedom arm, the baby version of the Russian arm.

We have some of the best drone and aerial teams based in Cape Town.

We have a much easier Visa process for Directors, DOPs and photographers travelling to SA.

Our digital location database has grown to over 20 000 awesome references to match your shoot requirements.

We have launched more world class film studios this year.

We have the A-list of Musicians traveling to Cape Town this year.

Cape Town has been voted as the FOODIE capital of the world.

And last but certainly not least, there is no place like Cape Town in Summer.

Whilst we have had awesome success in our business and look forward to more great commercials being produced, with great people (Crew and Clients). We know the importance of giving back to our community – that’s why we support the following charity organisations. Animals and Children are very close to our hearts.

Shop for a stranger
Daisy animal rescue trust
Save the Rhino

We are geared up for summer and with that we invite you or your business to contact us for any and all of your commercial/film needs. Our work doesn’t lie so please take some time to browse some of our past work and realize this is only a small percentage of the work we’ve produced over the years. Please get in touch with any questions you may have.

Have a great summer.