Why South Africa and why Delicious Films?

Favourable exchange rates, experienced crew and stunningly diverse locations are core drivers of our industry. Here is more info about the facets of filming in South Africa:

South African film locations
It’s been proven time and time again that we can match your country’s look, or give you wild Africa.
South Africa is renowned for its natural diversity. It’s a land of wide open spaces, thick forests, sandy beaches and towering mountain peaks. The climate ranges from tropical in the North-East to Mediterranean in the South, and arid in the West.

Wild remoteness is offset by modern first-world cities comparable to scenery in Europe and the USA. Factor in indigenous wildlife, a culturally diverse population and you’ve got a film location that really does have it all.
We have an extensive database which we have built over many years – to be accessed at pitch stage, giving you ideas and inspiration to match your bid.

SA film location permit guides
Permits are required to film on public and private land. In order to facilitate an easy authorisation process, city authorities have set up offices dedicated to manage film activities.
South Africa has a film-friendly policy. Permit applications should be submitted at least 10 to 14 days before the start of the shoot, however we know that this isn’t always possible, so we have valuable contacts in high places to help us achieve short permit approvals.

Weather in South Africa
South Africa offers a temperate sunny climate and we can shoot anywhere, all year round. Weather patterns vary from region to region and summer temperatures range from 20 – 40 degrees C. Mid-summer in Cape Town boasts 14 hours of sunshine, and Johannesburg has crisp, dry winters for 12 months of the year. Both centres are fully equipped shooting destinations, Durban is a good choice too, and a great option for Winter (May – August).

South Africa film crew
Our crews are experts at their craft and non-unionized. The technical expertise and talent of local crew members is often quoted as one of the reasons why so many international companies choose to film in South Africa. We choose the best crew to suit your job and its technicalities!

South African Talent
We have a multiracial cosmopolitan country, offering talent databases from experienced agents which includes street castings, characters, visiting international models, animals and of course our experienced sport action heroes/ stuntmen. We also offer attractive packages combining day rates and buyouts, to give you a more budget friendly option.

Endless options are available in camera, lighting, aerial, motion control, remote heads, rigs, cranes and more.

Post production in South Africa
If you are not time strapped and can do post production here in South Africa – you are in good hands with our talented editors and graders.

-Film studios in South Africa
South Africa boasts state-of-the-art film studios with modern high tech facilities. Visiting international teams have given us the thumbs up – pack shots or sound stages, big or small, side rooms, gantys, blue screens, the lot – we have it all!

The Delicious Team
We are two vibrant women who love what we do! We are very funny and see the lighter side of life always, but when it comes to business we are a no nonsense team that kick butt and take names and most importantly make it happen within your budget!! We are hands on production girls with heaps of honesty, lots of courage AND we love the small details. Two sisters taking the world by storm and having a darn good time in the process!!
NICCI is a production nutter with a wicked sense of humour, many years’ experience and who has a head for figures. She makes it all happen

SIAN is a girl who knows everyone in town and has her finger on the pulse of the city at all times not to mention being a pro at research and client service – your wish is her command!!
Together we make it happen with a dash of speed and a smile!!

How we roll
Together we make your money work, so it’s really simple! We quote interactively, offering you options, solutions and cost cutting ideas. You get the real deal, and we support your pitch with as many creative and location offerings, as possible.

It’s your shoot, your money and we are at your service! We draw on our handpicked hot team who back us up all the way. You get our attention, experience and our guidance from start to finish.

We operate with speed, grace, integrity and tenacity. Our service is transparent and we offer you choices always.